• Energy Management

    Another fast and easy way to green your home is to take control of your energy consumption by finding out exactly how much you're using, and where.

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    Energy Management
  • Lighting

    Whether you are out to create the perfect lighting scene in one room, or the whole house. Perhaps you're just looking for an easy way save on energy costs. No matter what your motive, TrickTV's intelligent lighting control has you covered.

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  • Climate

    Imagine a more comfortable home, lower utility bill, and a healthier planet. All from a new thermostat! About 50% of the average US household's energy bill is controlled by the thermostat. TrickTV provides simple and easy access to your homes heating and cooling controls from anywhere in the world.

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  • Access Control

    Safety and security is a lot more than just a tough lock. It is knowing the state of your home. Anytime, anyplace. TrickTV puts you in control by letting you communicate with your home and control its security features, from anywhere in the world.

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    Access Control
  • Cameras

    Be assured your home is safe day or night, no matter where you are, with TrickTV. TrickTV features a complete home video security solution, enabling you to easily view and record live video from your IP cameras.

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  • Shop

    We have taken the hassle out of adding new devices to your home by offering a simple selection of compatible partner products to quickly and easily enhance your TrickTV experience.

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    TrickTV Shop
  • Home Entertainment

    Technology working for you, not you working for technology. Gone are the days of punching a code into your remote, and hoping it works. With TrickTV you simply tell it about your system. The online setup software does the heavy lifting for you, quickly and easily programming your remote for your home entertainment setup.

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    Energy Management

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TrickTV client applications are now available for both Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems. Follow links to learn more.